Official Opening Of The Harley-Davidson Rally Point At Sturgis

The 75th Sturgis Rally kicks off with a chain-cutting ceremony to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 75-year partnership with Sturgis.

With showers of sparks and the cutting of chain in place of ribbons, Harley-Davidson ignites its presence for the grand opening of the Harley-Davidson Rally Point and the official kick-off to the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. (Toby Brusseau/AP Images for H-D)

Choosing steel and torches over ribbons, Harley-Davidson ignited its presence for the grand opening of the Harley-Davidson Rally Point, marking the official kick-off to the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Today, July 31, 2015, marks the first of a 75-year partnership between Harley-Davidson and the city of Sturgis as the rally's official motorcycle. Sparked by a chain-cutting with Bill Davidson, great grandson of Motor Company co-founder and VP of the H-D Museum, members of the Davidson family, and Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen gathered to open the Rally Point to the public.

The Rally Point features an elevated area for riders to take pictures on their motorcycles with the iconic STURGIS sign in the background (Toby Brusseau/AP Images for H-D)

A mecca for riders that provides a new permanent home to celebrate the freedom, independence and rebellion found in riders around the world, the Rally Point will serve as a central spot for riders during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and a gathering point for the citizens of Sturgis throughout the year.