NPA's Show Display To Include Roland Sands' Show Bike Amstutz Brings Rolling Stock

February 6, 2009 - San Diego, CA -- In the "real" world politics and taxes tend to be the topic of conversation. However when biker buddies get together they tend to talk about riding and bitchen bikes. Case in point are noted customizer Roland Sands and National PowersportAuction honcho Justyn Amstutz. Over dinner and a few beers a few months back, the duo traded thoughts about "top motorcycle racing heroes". Both decided 12-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini was roadracing's "capo di tutti capo" (read: numero uno). And with that they decided a hero like "Ago" warranted a special tribute bike. Very special.

Fast forward to November 2008 and Milan, Italy. Men of action Amstutz and Sands are at NPA's EICMA show stand mugging for cameras and between them is the man himself, Giacomo Agostini. To his surprise and sheer delight, Ago is presented with a unique "very special" gift -- an Amstutz-commissioned Sands built Yamaha 450 Super Single roadracing, complete with Dukes of Hazard General Lee livery -- and presented to him amidst a throng of paparazzi and EICMA show attendees clamoring for a better view.

"Who are the two guys standing with Ago," asked one Italian autograph seeker. "His friends from America, of course," said one journalist in the know. "Look what they made for him!"

With Italy in the rearview mirror, Amstutz and Sands plan to bring some of this fun and excitement to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. Since the V-Twin crowd wouldn't be quite as impressed with a Single, Sands has created the "Grunt" - his Big Twin tribute to the fighting spirit of the U.S. military. Forget death and taxes, bikers can come by Booth #1005 at the V-Twin Expo to talk about bikes with the guys who really get the market, RSD and NPA! While you're there, strike a pose with the NPA's Cincy Girls. Don't be shy now...

All of you Indy Show attendees be sure to swing by NPA's Booth #1809. Friendly NPA staffers will be on hand to show you how easy it is to increase your profits with pre-owned vehicle sales, and a bevy lovely NPA Indy Girls will encourage you to check out Roland's "No Regrets" custom. Think of it as "edu-tainment" the NPA way!

Upcoming Show Schedule

V-Twin Expo - Feb 7-9
Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm
Monday - 10am to 1pm

Duke Energy Center
525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

NPA booth # 1005

Indianapolis Dealer Expo Feb 14-16
Saturday - 10am to 6pm
Sunday - 9am to 6pm
Monday - 9am to 3pm

Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225

NPA booth #1809