Northern California Motomarathon News Flash

Due to wet winter and dwindling California revenues, some of the roads researched last spring are literally falling apart. We are therefore adding another town for two of the nights -- Eureka -- and shifting some routes further north. We have a new HQ hotel in Ft. Bragg as well, so please see and update your plans accordingly for the NoCal Motomarathon, Oct. 13-16.

In the meantime, the Aug. 26-29 Colorado Motomarathon is nearly upon us. From the route scientists at Butler Motorcycle Maps, it's leaked out that there just might be a _little dirt _along the way. You don't _have _to ride it and can just skip a checkpoint or so, but, it is rumored to be _smooth _and _uphill _dirt. Multistradas or GS's not required, only the spirit of the motomarathoner:

"I wake up nights in a sweat worried about what the mysterious Routemasters put in the Kool-Aid. I cannot seem to get enough. It's like there is a hidden magnetic pole that tugs us every so gently toward Boulder and other Motomarathon portals...."
-- Mike Darr, Bradenton, FL