NHDRO Drag Racing 2017 Season Opener

The Pro Street bikes are lining up at Muncie Dragway in Indiana.

Justin DoucetPhoto: NHDRO

With swelling bike counts, a dynamic new class and growing list of sponsors, NHDRO takes the tree for the 2017 season with the "Money in Muncie" season opener as America's fastest growing motorcycle drag racing series. And for all racers who register at every event this season, NHDRO's Brian Welch has announced a 20-point perfect attendance bonus. NHDRO is also stepping up their track prep game this weekend, bringing Lucas Oil Raceway's hard-working Kyle Lang along to keep the Muncie launch pad sticky and in shape.

No class will put that prep to better use than the street-legal, 700-horsepower turbo beasts of McIntosh Machine & Fabrication Pro Street. Indiana’s Justin Doucet is hot off a win in the Manufacturers’ Cup opener and seeking to defend his adopted state against all Pro Street challengers, including Quicktime Motorsports’ Rudy Sanzottera, former champ Doug Gall, Jeremy St. Julien and more.

Quicktime Motorsports’ Rudy Sanzottera
Rudy SanzotteraPhoto: NHDRO

NHDRO debuts its brand new APE/Trac King NOS Pro Street class, giving nitrous-huffing Pro Street and Grudge bikes their own playground. Doucet and Gall will both be bringing nitrous bikes, grudge racer Whip will be on an MSP-built-and-tuned bike, Wes Brown might be entering his Real Street GSXR of Reknown, and any other nitrous bikes that show up looking for some clocks-on, eliminations action.

Quicktime Motorsports /Lindeman Performance Pro Ultra 4.60 champion Chase Morris returns to defend his title against his own Fast Times Motorsports boss Jeff Jones, class sponsor Jeff Lindeman, Courtney and Deshaun Wheeler, and more.

M2.Shocks Crazy 8s champion Wes Brown
Wes BrownPhoto: NHDRO

HMH Motorsports Coatings Pro Open is the unlimited, run-what-you-brung class for Pro Mods, Funny Bike, Outlaws, etc. Bring it on and wind it out!

Perennial G&G Metal Spinners Top Gas champion Greg Mallett faced a tough battle last year with Heather Baldi. She’s no doubt emboldened to take the fight to the champ from the opening round this season, along with her dad Mike Wagner, Joe “On” Deck, Ron Morris and more.

John “Spooky” Markham’s hold on Millennium Trailers Super Comp 8.90 index class is nearly as tight as Mallet’s on Top Gas. He’ll face challenges from the likes of Baldi’s sister Rachel Wagner, Eric Moran and his dad Bob, Scott Shepard, Iowa’s Bruce Damewood and more.

John “Spooky” Markham
John MarkhamPhoto: NHDRO

M2.Shocks Crazy 8s champion Wes Brown will be defending his title against a large field of no-bar, index-racing studs, including Kevin Dennis Insurance Street ET champion Ron “Jiu-Jitsu” Arnold.

Many Crazy 8s racers also race Route 21 Street Fighter at its slower 9.50 pace.

Ricky Scott Jr. went home with the MPS Pro ET championship but will miss this opening round while nursing a broken ankle. That gives the rest of the field a chance to get a jump on the Team Shocker racer.

And of course, Saturday night will be devoted to the free-form circus spectacle that is NHDRO Grudge Racing. With spectators crowding the wall, trash talkers clogging the lanes, and high-powered Grudge bikes commanding the track—there is no party like an NHDRO Grudge party.