Zero Gravity 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199 Windscreens

The new Ducati Panigale 1199 is already making waves on the track and on the street with its racy, elegant design and screaming track performance. Zero Gravity® has created 4 exciting windscreen options that let Ducati Panigale 1199 owners add form, function, and style to this Italian work of art.

The Stock Replacement SR™ Series (20-738) closely matches the size and shape of the OEM windscreen. You can keep the gorgeous design of Ducati while adding flair to your bike with a smoke tint or the improved optical clarity over stock.

The Double Bubble® (16-738) is the popular "stepped profile" design pioneered by Zero Gravity® in the mid-90's. Sculpted to match the sleek lines of the Panigale, this windscreen further improves the look of the bike with an increased aerodynamic advantage under race conditions.

The "Corsa™ Series" screen (24-738) is shaped to emulate the factory race bikes from the World Superbike circuit that Ducati has dominated for so many years. The Corsa™ is ¾" (19.05mm) taller than the OEM screen providing additional wind protection while tucked in at racing speeds. Zero Gravity® windscreens are not impacted when folding the mirrors like has been reported with the aftermarket factory Ducati racing windscreens.

Our tallest shield is the Sport Touring™ Series (23-738), which comes in at ¾" (19.05mm) taller than stock, and a smoother profile provides additional wind protection for longer street rides and touring applications when you can't get to the track.

Zero Gravity® screens are made here in the USA, with cutting edge technology and feature a precise fit, hand polished visible edges and distortion free optical clarity. Available in a variety of colors, Zero Gravity's new Ducati Panigale 1199 windscreens start at $99.95 and are protected with a limited factory warranty. Call Zero Gravity® at 1-805-388-8803 for more information or visit our website at and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.