Yamaha Champions Riding School Heading to New Jersey

Two days with NESBA riders, two days open to public

TOOELE VALLEY, UTAH (March 9, 2012) — The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS), based at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, will conduct a pair of two-day schools at New Jersey Motorsports Park on June 11-12 and 13-14.

This will be the third consecutive year that the YCRS has visited New Jersey Motorsports Park. This year, the first two days will be open only to members of the Northeast Sport Bike Association (NESBA), and the latter two days are open to the public. The YCRS will not be bringing its fleet of Yamaha sport bikes, so students will be required to bring their own bike.

“Getting to ride the New Jersey tracks is worth flying across the country,” said Nick Ienatsch, YCRS lead instructor. “Each track offers its own unique challenges and keeps the rider entertained the whole lap. Grip and runoff are terrific, and even grip in the rain was impressive.

“Bringing this show east has been a tremendous success, and this third year looks even better. The YCRS teaches more than simple bike-control skills; it also focuses on the mental outlook and approach this sport demands if you want to survive and succeed. We’ve always had a huge contingent of east-coast riders at our schools in Utah, but getting our show to their track on their bikes has been terrific, and we’re particularly looking forward to working with our friends from NESBA.”

“I entered the Yamaha Champions Riding School last year with an open mind,” said Bob Blandford, President of NESBA, “thinking, ‘What else could they possibly teach me to make me go faster?’ Boy, was I surprised! The concepts they teach make so much sense, it’s no wonder so many of the top riders in the world use these same concepts. Nick and Ken pack so much information into two days, you will be replaying the class in your head over and over. I am so happy to see them come back to offer the school to our NESBA members, and we hope to see them again in the future.”

Experience indicates that there will be a number of return students who attended YCRS classes over the past two years. Our student feedback tells us that they feel the school offers real value, and that our return students feel like every YCRS school they attend increases their skill level and safety. The students will be almost evenly split between street riders and track-day riders, and there are usually two or three women riders in each school. These east-coast schools historically sell out quickly, so interested students are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as possible.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School can help any rider who wants to improve their bike control. That could be the racer looking to drop 1.5 seconds from their lap times, or the street rider who needs to miss the surprise gravel mid-corner, with a car partly in their lane. We coach brand-new riders making the transition from dirt bikes, or the rider trading his cruiser for a sport-touring bike, the racer looking to step up to the national level or the track-day gal who wants to run in the A group.

For more information about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, go to www.MillerMotorsportsPark.com or call 435.27.SPEED (277-7333).