Vilner Predator | Extraterrestrial BMW

WORDS: Aaron Frank
PHOTO: Vilner Studios

Inspired by the terrifying creatures populating the Predator movie franchise, Vilner Studios took a BMW F800R—already a freakish-looking bike—and made it even more outlandish. Built to order for a bike-mad Russian businessman, the Predator is the first two-wheeled concept vehicle built by the Sofia, Bulgaria-based firm better known for customizing exotic automobiles, yachts and even private jets.

Three Vilner technicians spent six months designing and developing the Predator. The original BMW aluminum frame, running gear and engine remain intact and unchanged. The bulk of their effort went into creating new bodywork consisting of 17 pieces—nine made from carbon-fiber and eight from chrome-plated aluminum. The original two-person tail was replaced with a shorter solo design incorporating a custom saddle with matching stitched-leather tank strap—naturally, since Vilner is renowned for its upholstery abilities. The stacked headlight array features twin bi-xenon bulbs with red-tinted LED accent lighting to achieve the aggressive look that the owner demanded. The final touch is an upswept, slash-cut, hexagonal muffler that gives the mild-mannered parallel-twin a proper Predator drone.

Vilner Studio’s Predator might look terrifying, but beneath the custom carbon-fber bodywork it’s a harmless stock BMW F800R.