Two Minutes to Save Clear Creek Recreation Area

In just Two Minutes you can help stop the continued closure of this vital California recreational area. Please ACT NOW there only a few days left to get your comments in by the 3/5/10 deadline.

The Clear Creek Management Area has been closed by the BLM as a result of an EPA report. This report does not take into account all of the facts and the end result could mean that Clear Creek Management Area will be closed for public use forever.

Please ACT NOW comments are due before 3/5/2010 Click below and create your letter to Clear Creek Management Area using predrafted or your comments in just Two Minutes.

Please share this email with your lists and post it on blog. We need thousands of letters!!!

You may have recently submitted a request to extend the 3/5/10 deadline. Submitting this comment is also important. Your letters will be sent not only to the BLM, but also legislators showing them how important keeping Clear Creek is to the public. Please click the above link and submit your comment today.

~Thanks from your friends at Save The Trails

This campaign is supported by Friends of Clear Creek Management Area, AMA District 36, AMA National, California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA), Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club, Stewards of the Sierra National Forest, Timekeepers Motorcycle Club and Save The Trails