Triumph Explorer - The Complete Package from the Adventure Experts: Twisted Throttle.

Triumph Explorer 1200 outfitted to the extreme by Twisted Throttle

The 2013 Triumph Explorer is a bike that grabs attention with its intimidating stance and aggressive styling. Twisted Throttle made it even more capable of handling the roughest terrain by outfitting this spirited steed with products that provide greater protection, as well as goodies that increase comfort and expand its carrying capacity. This Explorer can now live up to its name with confidence.
Check out the Explorer 1200 video above. Videographer Matt Buck, Industrial Designer Nate Bastian, and Master Installer Shawn Johnson show how versatile the Explorer 1200 can be. 2013 Twisted Throttle Triumph Explorer 1200 Project Bike-Video Link

Here is a list of the items installed and available for the 2012-13 Triumph Explorer 1200:

Bike Protection:

Bar End Sliders by R&G

Skidplate by SW-MOTECH

Crashbars by SW-MOTECH

Headlight Guard by SW-MOTECH

Fenda Extenda by Pyramid Plastics


Comfort & Convenience:


In Development:

• Driveshaft Guard

• Device Mount (above the gauges)