Tasty Chicken Strips from the Alps | Readers Write

Inspired by Keith Code's "Tread Envy" and our Epic Ride series, reader Alex Zinkosky shares pics of his recent Edelweiss tour through Germany and Austria.

I just thought that I would share a few photos from my most recent ride through the German-Austrian Alps.  I compared my "chicken strips" to the example in the Keith Code - Tread Envy article (see Code Break HERE) and I think I didn't do too bad.  You have to consider that I rode on public mountain roads, on an unknown motorcycle, with a group of riders with widely varying abilities.  It was great fun and I look forward to more tours in the future.

If you would like me to write a short article about the trip let me know.  It was the last Edelweiss - "Alps and Lakes" motorcycle tour in 2013.

Prior to the trip I was considering a F800 GS as a replacement for my aging K model flying brick.  Not any more.  That would be the topic of my article; the why not.

On a prior Edelweiss motorcycle tour - High Alps Extreme, I had ridden a F800 ST.  That motorcycle was very close to ideal, needing a few minor changes to suit me better.  (BMW appears to have addressed my concerns with the new GT model of this bike).

Alex Zinkosky

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