Support The Auto Club Speedway

Dear Racers,
As you know we lost the last drag strip in Southern California area recently when a judge ruled that Auto Club Speedway must cease operations of the drag strip due to noise complaints. The speedway has expressed their desire to see drag racing continue at their facility and are currently determining their best options for moving forward on this matter. In an effort to help facilitate the return of drag racing to ACS we need to show support of the drag strip and let the community as well as the local political powers know of the benefits of the drag strip. This is why we are organizing a show of support to take to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. We need to let our voices be heard in this matter. We are asking as many people as possible to join us at the following meeting.

County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Tuesday April 10th
10:00 am
County Government Building
385 N. Arrowhead Ave. San Bernardino, 92415

We have assembled several speakers who will address the Board of Supervisors at this meeting. We will present the 4 benefits of Auto Club Dragstrip to them

1: Economic, ACS generates millions of dollars into the local economy each year through the hundreds of participants who attent the races, buys parts and supplies from local vendors, stay at the hotels & eat in the area restaurants as well as the employees at the track.

2: Public Saftety, Auto Club Drag Strip affords the community a safe place to race their cars in controlled environment rather than engaging in dangerous & illegal street racing. Unfortunately we have had 2 deaths in the area from such street racing in recent weeks.

3:Youth Programs, The junior dragster program is a huge opportunity for children and teenagers, These programs help kids learn so many positive life lessons as well as maintaining good grades so that they may continue to race.

4: Sportsman Racer, Highlighting the hundreds of sportman racers in Southern

California who do not have a place to enjoy their hobby like soccer or softball or golf enthusiast have. Also, the thousands of dollars each of these racers contribute to the local community through this hobby.

We are asking everone to meet outside the county government building in San Bernardino at 9:30 am on Tuesday April 10th. We hope to get media to cover this event so that we can get our voice of support out there for the drag strip. We're not going there to discuss the validity of the neighbors lawsuit or speak badly about anyone but to show postive support for Auto Club Speedway.