Salute to Ascot Park

PHOTO: Andrea Wilson

For 34 years J.C. Agajanian's Ascot Park hosted dirt-track, speedway and motocross races, and its closure in 1990 left a gaping hole in the SoCal racing scene. This past May, one of those original dirt-track racers, Jerry Greer, organized an Ascot Reunion. Held on the grounds of the NHRA Museum in Pomona, the event attracted hundreds of former fans, racers and their bikes. Among the famous names in attendance were Sammy Tanner, David Aldana, Ronnie Jones and John Kocinski. Editor-in-Chief (and sometimes motocross racer) Brian Catterson was on hand as well, displaying the Team Obsolete-owned, ex-Cal Rayborn 1962 Matchless G50 CSR that will be featured in a future issue.