Saddlemen Introduces the Destination Pack™

[Helmet and gear inside

Developed by Saddlemen’s design engineers, the Destination Pack™ is a 44 liter portable security bag featuring Saddlemen’s exclusive technology. Every bag is lined with a cut resistant stainless steel wire mesh cage interwoven between two soft, scratch free liners that prov and theft resistant storage for gear while on the road. The Destination Pack™ is the perfect portable trunk for a jacket, helmet or gloves at ride or a stop along the way. The Destination Pack™ with Steel Cage™ protection simply opens up when needed and quickly folds away i carry bag when not in use. The supplied wire cable and lock not only positively prevent the bag from being opened or moved, they also possible deterrent against bike theft.

Exclusive features:

Portable weather and theft resistant bag securely stores valuables within a Steel Cage™

The Steel Cage™ consists of steel wire mesh sandwiched between a scratch free, soft inner liner and a tough water resistant nylon provide vault like protection

A six foot long flexible stainless steel cable with a keyed pad lock prevents unauthorized access to the bag and secures the bag to the b permanent structure


Cable can be used to secure motorcycle

Easily holds a combination of most jackets, helmets, gloves and other gear; keeping them out of view and protecting them from thie elements

The soft sided and flexible Destination Pack™ Folds into a small bag (included) that attaches to any motorcycle or can be worn as a pack trunk for your motorcycle

Destination Pack™ unfolds at destination and is easily and quickly secured

Size – 12 inch diameter opening X 24 inches long, 44 liter capacity

Available at Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties Dealers. Part#: 4010-0260, MSRP $99.95