Ryders Alley United Exclusive Trackday Event

New York, NY - August 10, 2010 - Ryders Alley United announced an exclusive trackday event "On Any Trackday" will be held on October 5th & 6th, 2010 at New Jersey's Motorsports Park Thunderbolt track and will include:

- Instruction by WSBK Champion Doug Polen & current WSBK Racer Luca Scassa.
- Completely OPEN TRACK for 2 days
- Limited to 35 Ryders
- End of day "Race"
- A Minimum lap time of 1:42 seconds required (or equivalent at other track).
- VIP on-Track suite & Garage included (2 Ryders/room)
- Overseas guest welcome (limited bike rentals available)

"On Any Trackday" was started as a small group of friends had the opportunity to ride a track all to themselves for 2 days earlier this year. "On Any Trackday" is gaining interest from racers and enthusiasts in the US and Italy. Ryders Alley United will continue to plan exclusive track events around the world giving its customers a chance to experience a truly unobstructed, schedule-free and open trackday.

Demian Neufeld, founder of Ryders Alley United, said "Riding the Jennings track in Florida with a small group of friends left us wanting to ride the open track like that more often! With the help of race organizers in Italy and New York city we are drawing in ryders from as far as Los Angeles to Mugello."

"On Any Trackday" will be a gathering of good humor, freedom to stretch one's bike's legs and 1st Class instruction from World Class Champions, if wanted.

Additional information about Ryders Alley United can be found on their web site at www.rydersalley.com

About Ryders Alley United: Ryders Alley United specializes as a New York City base for a group of racers, track enthusiasts & Do-it-yourself motorcycle fixer-uppers. With a unique workspace for such-inclined members and a Lounge for Race Screenings, Ryders Alley United brings some much-missed elements of suburban life to the heart of the city. Ryders Alley United is located on the 200-year-old cobblestone street, #1 Ryders Alley, NYC, where the first fighting took place between British Foot Soldiers and Liberty Pole Rebels "Sons of Liberty" which led to the American Revolution. Read more at www.rydersalley.com