The Pocket Rocket Lives

RD Resurrection

Awaken a 34-year-old Yamaha RD350 after nearly a decade of suspended animation; I've learned a few things. First, some parts are in better shape than I thought they'd be. Others weren't so good. All things considered, it's a fairly happy animal. No shriveled crankcase seals or hopelessly gummed-up carbs. Draining the float bowls and adding a little fuel stabilizer, as it turns out, is a very good idea.
Despite the fact that injector oil seems to be injecting itself into the works well enough, I'm not so keen about trusting sensitive internal bits to any 10-year-old lube: out with the old stuff and in with a fresh tank of Motul 7100. And as soon as the fresh Yuasa 12N5.5-3B comes off the charger, I'll have another go to see how that shift shaft seal is holding up. All things considered, it's a whole lot happier after that long nap than either of us had any right to expect. What's next? Film at 11:00…