Ninja defence from R&G

World leader first with fender-eliminator and full range of crash protection for Ninja 300

R&G, the world’s number one manufacturer of motorcycle crash protection, has released a full range of products for the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

The new bike is expected to be extremely popular and the British brand has worked quickly to design and launch a broad spread of accessories and defensive bolt-ons. R&G products are extremely easy to fit and do not require any specialist tools or adaptation of bodywork.

In addition to crash protection, R&G is becoming equally renowned for its range of styling accessories. Offerings for the Ninja 300 include Mirror Blanking Plates, Rear Footrest Blanking Plates, Exhaust Hanger, Frame Plugs, Steering Head Nut and the hugely popular Tail Tidy fender-eliminator. Crafted from stainless steel and complete with a plug-and-play connector and bungee hook mounts, the Tail Tidy is a must-have accessory which replaces the standard license plate hanger and light. It completely transforms the rear of the bike, resulting in a much sharper and more aggressive look.

A full complement of protection is also offered for the Ninja 300, starting with R&G's signature Aero Crash Protectors, which are fitted to the frame and are designed to keep as much of the bike off the ground as possible in the event of a fall. These teardrop-shaped protectors are made from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), which has been developed to wear and not shatter. R&G also utilises a particular grade of steel bolts to help absorb an impact by bending, rather than snapping or twisting its mounting point on the bike. The addition of Bar End Sliders helps prevent the levers and tank from making contact with the ground, while Fork Protectors, Cotton Reels, Rear Spindle Sliders and Exhaust Protector perform a similar job for the brakes, suspension, swingarm and silencer.

R&G also offers an aluminum Radiator Guard and Downpipe Grille to prevent expensive damage caused by stones and debris.

All of the above products will also fit the 2013 Ninja 250R.

R&G 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 range:

  • Bar End Sliders

  • Cotton Reels

  • Aero Crash Protectors

  • Downpipe Grille

  • Exhaust Protector

  • Fork Protectors

  • Radiator Guard

  • Tail Tidy

  • Steering Head Nut

  • Mirror Blanking Plates

  • Upper and Lower Frame Plugs

  • Exhaust Hanger

  • Rear Footrest Blanking Plate

  • Exhaust Hanger & Blanking Plate set

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