As a manufacturer of high-end motorcycle-tuningparts we are proud to present our newest example of what´s possible!

The modular replacement footpeg system

for rider and pillion. No matter if you like it sporty high or comfortably low – the position of the footpegs is multiple adjustable.

Combine a racing, touring or enduro footpeg as you like, even belling, incline or cushioning is possible.

[Fix element of the versatile footpeg system is a silver anodized turning joint-kit rgk-s (€ 29,33 netto),

optional available an enlargement-kit of 10 mm rgk-ds01-s(€ 25,13 netto).

There are also two different extension-kits – the rgk-a-20-s(€ 25,13 netto) with 20 mm or the rgk-a-30-40-s(€ 29,33 netto) with 30-40 mm.

Both extension kits are silver anodized, enable 24 different positions and are 360° adjustable.

All the racers of you should get the short, extreme nonslip and black anodized racing-footpeg-kit ****fxr-rf02-kit-b(€ 66,39 netto).

Allthough the longer, nonslip sporty-footpeg-kit ****uf-16-kit(available in black, gold and silver, € 33,19 netto) is nearly as stylish as the racing-footpeg-Kit.

Last but not least all the offroad-fans of you have to get the wide touring and enduro footpeg-kit rct-rk01-kit(available in black and titan-color, € 108,82 netto) with a width of 80 mm.

Optional to these footpegs you can mount a rubber damping-kit rct-frg01-kit(€ 33,52 netto) and a slide pad kit rct-sp01-kit(€ 20,59 netto).


gilles.tooling also stands for high-performance-parts which are specially developed for one motorcycle –

like the brandnew kawasaki ZZR 1400 (ZX-14R).

[The axb chain adjuster (available in black, blue, gold, red and silver, € 64,- netto) has not only a brilliant design

but also allows high-precision chain adjustment and a special bolt enables axle adjustment in both directions.

The lightweight safety nut-set acm25-15, (€ 56,70 netto) is made of titan and a plastic-pin accommodates thread and locks with friction.

As a complete footrest-system the rearset as31gt (€ 377,- netto) has been designed very stylish.

It offers multiple adjustment possibilities and includes carbon heel protectors for ultra light weight and a perfect look.

Finally the handlebar weights aero (from € 32,77 netto) combine perfect function with extremely good design – typically for gilles.tooling!