Motorcycle Film Charge Comes to Theaters May 20

ChargeZero Emissions/Maximum Speed is a documentary by Mark Neale (director of FASTER) and narrated by Ewan McGregor; the film follows several teams to the world's first zero-emissions grand prix on the Isle of Man–a demanding and deadly circuit–in 2009 and their return in 2010, 2011, and 2012. The movie is available for purchase as a DVD single, and will also be in select theaters starting May 20.

Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle Theaters

San Diego, CA – Media Arts Center

Scottsdale, AZ – Harkins Shea

Pittsburgh, PA – Southside Works Cinema

Cleveland, OH – Capitol

Ithaca, NY – Cinemapolis

San Antonio, TX – Alamo Village/Slaughter Lane

Richmond, VA – Criterion Cinemas

New Haven, CT – Criterion Cinemas

Hartford, CT - Cinema Cities

Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center

Palm Desert, CA – Cinemas Palme D’Or

Helena, MT – Myrna Loy Center

New York, NY – Cinema Village


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