Millsaps confirms championship runner-up slot

JGRMX Yamaha’s Davi Millsaps has taken his YZ450F to second place in the 2012 AMA Supercross series – also an FIM World Championship – after finishing as runner-up at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas for the final round of seventeen last Saturday.

The 24 year old rode to his fifth podium finish of the season ahead of Justin Brayton who was his nearest threat to the number two plate. The gap between the two racers stood at nine points upon the close of the seventeenth main event in Nevada in front of nearly 40,000 spectators.

After winning his Heat race Millsaps made a reasonable start in the Main and slotted into third position relatively early in the 20 lap chase. He focussed his sights on Jake Weimer and was able to move up to second place at mid-race distance, enjoyed a tussle for track space and then held on until the chequered flag. Millsaps has been one of the outstanding performers in the SX field in a season that has been mired with injuries and setbacks. The Floridian’s improving speed and confidence has been key in the team’s steady flow of decent results (top five positions in eight from the last ten rounds) and in the absence of James Stewart – winner of two races in 2012 – who ends the campaign with 7th in the standings.

“It was a great battle there between I-don’t-know how many of us…I had it pretty good through the whoops but it was a long fight for sure,” Millsaps said. “I was able to stay ahead and keep pushing. To get second in the points is a big step for me and the team. I’m pumped; this is the best season I’ve had since I’ve got on the 450. The Yamaha has been running great and I want to thank my whole team. It has been an up-and-down year for everyone on it but we did the best we could.”

The West and East Coast divisions of the Lites class also came to an end in Vegas and Yamaha were able to see Ryan Sipes finish 8th in the West race and claim 7th in the final points table. The Kentuckian took his motorcycle to victory in Seattle. On the East side Kyle Cunningham was the highest YZ250F runner with 6th in the main event and 8th in the championship.

The next big Supercross appointment will be the Monster Energy Cup – again at the Sam Boyd – on October 20th before the 2013 season (again pegged for seventeen races) begins in January.

2012 AMA-SX United States

Sam Boyd Stadium 07/05/2012 20 Laps

race I

1. Ryan Dungey KTM USA 21'15.548
2. David D Millsaps Yamaha USA 0'08.538
3. Justin Brayton Honda USA 0'11.257
4. Jake Weimer Kawasaki USA 0'13.220
5. Josh Grant Kawasaki USA 0'21.711
6. Nico Izzi Yamaha USA **0'29.395 **
7. Mike Alessi Suzuki USA 0'33.790
8. Weston Peick Yamaha USA 0'38.328
9. Andrew Short Honda USA 0'39.518
10. Nicholas Wey Kawasaki USA 0'40.897
11. Broc Tickle Kawasaki USA 0'57.122
12. Justin Sipes Kawasaki USA -1Laps
13. Chris Blose Kawasaki USA -1Laps
14. Gavin Faith Yamaha USA -1Laps
15. Tyler Bowers Kawasaki USA -1Laps

AMA-SX World Standing

Rider Standings After Race 17 of 17

1. Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki USA 323
**2. **David D Millsaps**** Yamaha USA 266
3. Justin Brayton Honda USA 257
4. Ryan Dungey KTM USA 257
5. Jake Weimer Kawasaki USA 229
Mike Alessi Suzuki USA 206
7. James Stewart Yamaha USA 178
8. Brett Metcalfe Suzuki AUS 177
9. Broc Tickle Kawasaki USA 171
10. Kevin Windham Honda USA 166
11. Kyle Chisholm Kawasaki USA 143
12. Chad Reed Honda USA 128
13. Andrew Short Honda USA 126
14. Nicholas Wey Kawasaki USA 116
15. Weston Peick Yamaha USA 99
16. Robert Kiniry Yamaha USA 91
22. Nico Izzi Yamaha USA 46
23. Gavin Faith Yamaha USA 38
38. Ryan Morais Yamaha USA 7
44. Ben Lamay Yamaha USA 2

Circuit Length:

39, 509


Lap Record
(Kevin Windham, 01/01/2004)

Last Years Winner:
Chad Reed


Manufacturer Standings


1. Kawasaki 381
2. Honda 342
3. Yamaha 320
4. KTM 311
5. Suzuki 245