Mayor Of Fun To Ride Minibike To Sturgis And Fame

Some politicians go to great lengths to avoid meeting their constituents face-to-face. Bean’re, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Fun, isn’t one of them. And with the district he serves spread out all over the place, he really gets around. This August he’ll be taking his tour bus––sorry, tour minibike––from Louisville, KY, to Sturgis, SD, and in so doing hopes to set a Guinness world record for the longest distance traveled on a minibike.

Bean’re’s bike is a 44-year-old Lube minibike powered by a 50cc NSU Quick 50 two-stroke with a four-speed transmission. The record he hopes to break means he’ll have to ride more than “450 miles in 4 days and 26 hours riding time”––5 days and 2 hours in non-Funspeak. A quick search of the Guinness website turns up no previous record, but maybe that’s part of the fun.

The 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally runs August 5-11, and Bean’re hopes to arrive at the Buffalo Chip Campground for a welcome reception on August 1. You can follow his progress––if you can call it that since his minibike isn’t allowed on highways––on