Lunasee ASL 1000

new side lighting safety system for motorcycles

**This is a new side lighting safety system for motorcycles.  Called the Lunasee ASL 1000, the new system is unlike any lighting system you have seen. The ASL 1000 significantly improves low light driving safety by creating an easily recognizable and identifiable light signature which identifies you as a motorcyclist to other vehicles - _even if their lights are not shining on you _as needed with reflective components!  This benefit is easily seen in the photo below where the front bike has the ASL 1000 system and the rear bike does not. **

******[The ASL 1000 makes a motorcyclist highly visible from the side.  And it works even in well-lit environments where background lights often diffuse and erase normal head and tail lights when viewed from the side.**

**[With the ASL 1000, when you enter a motorist's field of vision, you appear unmistakably as a motorcycle, even from a distance. This unique combination of active light in the form of distinct and continuous_ _rings is truly a breakthrough in improving visibility and awareness by other motorists.  Drivers know immediately what and where you are, significantly diminishing the chances of surprise and worse.  To see the system in action please click here to view the video****. **

[The ASL 1000 Side Lighting Kit_ _is more than a remarkable safety feature, it is also a unique and aesthetically pleasing addition to any motorcycle.  The system easily integrates into the bike; with no lights, wires, or batteries on the wheels.  It is virtually invisible in daylight, yet uniquely visible at night. Click here to learn more about how it works.  Or go to, phone 252-916-0990.