Long-Distance Motorcyclists Prepare for Colorado Motomarathon

**Boulder, CO ****–**** May 23, 2012 ****–**** **The 4th Annual Colorado Motomarathon, one of the classic rides on the calendar for long-distance motorcyclists around the country, is set for July 27-30. The four-day ride will loop in and out of Boulder, using Mike's Motorcycle shop as the start/stop check-in point each day.

Routemasters familiar with the back roads and side roads in Boulder are working diligently behind the scenes designing new routes with new looks, on paved roads (with graded dirt road options), and to include new vistas cleared and now verdant green from the Four Mile Fire of 2010. The routes will stretch through some of North America’s finest twisty mountain roads in Boulder County and along the Front Range, while avoiding interstates and other major highways wherever possible.

Routes and checkpoints are kept secret until the night before each leg, averaging approximately 400 miles per day. Participants must complete a series of self-recorded check-points using digital cameras to photograph their badge numbers at designated landmarks.

“The 2012 Colorado routes will be planned to take advantage of the roads less travelled in and out of Boulder County. Participants will get a taste of the sweet secret twisties of the Front Range canyons and passes, as well as the profound beauty and flow of Colorado's finest roads and scenery that reach elevations of up to 12,000 feet," said Motomarathon Founder John Metzger.

For more information and to sign up for the event, please visit www.motomarathon.com, or contact Caty Metzger at 303.440.1921, motomarathon1@gmail.com.