KTM Announces 2015 EXC Enduros

KTM's complete range of two-stroke and four-stroke models receive engine changes, new ergos and updated aesthetics.


  • 2015 KTM 500 EXC

New MAE digital speedometer

  • New black anodized Neken handlebar

  • New Metzler Six Day DOT tires on EXC

  • New Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tires on XC-W

  • Improved hand guards with new material

  • New softer compound grips

  • Updated PDS on the 200 XC-W

  • New black colored rims from Giant

  • Orange colored frame

  • New colors and graphics

Electrics - The EXC/XC-W boasts an efficient wire harness with an advanced ECU, which boasts lightweight connectors and fuse mounts that save weight and keep the electrical system simplified. The 200, 250 and 300 XC-W models have a new, lighter 3Ah battery, which also contributes to the overall weight saving of the machine.

Frame - The EXC/XC-W chassis for 2015 will feature the KTM Factory orange usually seen only on KTM's race team machines. The modern and lightweight frame design developed by KTM and produced by WP Performance Systems is made of lightweight, high-strength chromoly steel sections. Not only does it guarantee easy handling and precise cornering according to KTM, but also outstanding stability.

Suspension - The EXC/XC-W models feature WP suspension, which is specifically designed for Enduro racing and ensures maximum traction comprised with plenty of comfort. The compression and rebound damping can be adjusted to suit racing conditions and rider preference as well as separate high and low speed shock compression adjustments. For 2015, the PDS monoshock tuning has been revised on some two-stroke models and features an improved seal for a more simplified seal change.

Speedometer - A new MAE speedometer has been included on the 2015s with a clean, minimalistic and integrated design. This includes the warning and indicator lights in a single unit with clear and more readily available information.

Airbox - The EXC/XC-W airbox offers maximum protection of the air filter against dirt in the toughest of terrains while ensuring maximum airflow for top performance. The airbox covers are produced in a two-component process with new in-mold graphics, and for ease of use the filter can be changed without tools for fast and efficient maintenance. There are also two extra mounting points on the cover that allow it to be secured with bolts if desired.

Wheels/Tires - The XC-Ws feature new high-quality black anodized Giant rims with black spokes, that are mated to CNC-machined hubs and lightweight silver aluminum nipples for maximum stability at minimum weight. The XC-Ws feature new Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tires.

The EXCs feature the same components but with silver anodized Giant DOT rims. These high-quality, lightweight rims have been developed for KTM and offer top performance and feature Metzeler Six Day DOT tires.

Brakes - Upscale Brembo brakes remain as standard equipment on KTM's off-road range, and are combined with Galfer Wave discs.

Swingarm - Changes to the wall thickness of the swingarm for 2015 help to reduce weight and improve stiffness for a precisely defined flexibility.

Triple Clamps - The triple clamps have been specifically designed for Enduro use and ensure precise handling on rough terrain by supporting the flex characteristics of the fork. This gives the rider the best possible feedback from the front-end of the machine to increase his or her confidence and overall speed.

Handlebars - All EXC/XC-W models are fitted with tapered black colored Neken handlebars made of high tensile strength aluminum alloy. The standard KTM mount offers four handlebar positions so the fit can be adjusted for any rider, and the hand guards fitted to this range are manufactured using a new material for better impact resistance and protection.

Exhaust System - Light and tough, the aluminum silencers are known for their outstanding performance while ensuring low noise levels. Spark arresters are standard on the four-stroke models.

Cooling System - KTM's proven integrated cooling system routes the coolant from the cylinder head through the frame triangle directly to the aluminum radiators made by WP.

2015 KTM 350 EXC

Fuel Tank - Refueling is always important during enduro races for those who want the smoothest of refuels during competition and a long range on their machines. All of the fuel tanks are made of lightweight translucent material and have a release mechanism on the ¼ turn bayonet filler cap that can be opened quickly and easily.

Bodywork/Graphics - To improve rider feeling and to create harmony between rider and bike the new bodywork shape incorporates a minimalist design for a more ergonomic feel, while the "Ready To Race" graphic design completes the look of the Enduro bike range.


2015 KTM 350 XC

  • New machined cross tube in the frame that KTM claims to provide a stronger more accurate connection of the frame and linkage due to an improved production process resulting in a 60-gram weight reduction. The frame is now powder-coated in KTM Factory orange

  • New linkage geometry with an improved rising rate, better control, stability and balance

  • For the linkage there is now an improved production process for higher quality resulting in a 40 gram weight reduction

  • New updated WP 4CS fork are 8mm longer for 2015, same length as 2105 SX models, a new style hydro stop and redesigned pistions with a stiffer chamber spring, also with new settings developed in the US specifically for offroad racing.

  • New fork lugs with a 22mm front axle for reduced weight and better feel along with a 2mm reduced off-set for improved handling

  • New fork protectors with an open design, which are easier to replace for better maintenance and cleaning of the fork leg

  • New monoshock setting, which has been re-valved and set-up to match the new linkage and fork. The shock features a 4mm increase of shaft travel while maintaining the same amount of wheel travel with the new linkage package

  • New aluminum O-ring support for the lower bearing on the steering stem for a weight saving of 22 grams and a new steering stem bolt, which is also 8 grams lighter

  • New fork protectors with an open design, which are easier to replace for better maintenance and cleaning of the fork legNew Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tires

  • New black anodized Giant rims

  • New softer two-compound grips