Kawasaki Offers $3000 Rebate for Roadracers

Rebates Available For The ZX-6R And ZX-10R

Photo: Kevin Wing

Looking to buy a roadrace bike this season? Kawasaki is hoping to lure you into purchasing a new ZX-6R or ZX-10R with a generous $3000 rebate.

Kawasaki’s ZX-10R is legal for open-class competition while the 636cc ZX-6R has been homologated for AMA Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes and is legal in WERA, CCS, MRS, AFM, and many other race clubs across the country. Does this mean Kawasaki is returning to American roadracing? No, just that it wants to sell bikes and see them circulating racetracks alongside the swarms of Yamaha YZFs, Honda CBRs, and Suzuki GSX-Rs. 600 and 1000cc grids are saturated with blue and red and sorely lacking in lime green.

Why no Ninja 300 on the list? We’re guessing that bike sells well enough on its own, and probably doesn’t offer enough margin to be sold with any sort of discount or rebate.

The full text of Kawasaki’s press release is below.

(June 4, 2013) – Kawasaki Team Green™ announced today it will begin offering its Kawasaki Racer Rebate Support Program for select Road Racing/Sport Bike Ninja models. Racers who plan on competing on either the Kawasaki ZX-6R or ZX-10R may be eligible for this $3,000 rebate.

“Kawasaki has a storied racing history with its Ninja models,” said Kawasaki Racing Senior Manager Reid Nordin. “With the reintroduction of the 636cc engine in the ZX-6R as well as the success the ZX-10R is seeing with Tom Sykes in World Superbike competition, we know these Ninja’s are ready for the track.”
Racers who want to take part in the Kawasaki Racer Rebate Support Program need to visit their local Kawasaki dealer and apply. The dealer will forward the application to Kawasaki and if approved, the buyer will be able to join the program and receive the $3,000 rebate.

After more than 30 successful years, the idea that launched the Team Green remains the same. We support riders at all levels and ensure everyone who rides a Kawasaki feels like part of the Kawasaki family of owners, riders, dealers and technicians spread across the country. While our focus is on helping our amateur athletes achieve success, we never forget the most important goal; we ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for the riders.

See your local dealer for additional information.