Justin Bieber Gets One-Off MV Agusta, World Trembles

We here at Motorcyclist, professional writers––artists if you will––to a man, are all too familiar with the tortures the creative soul endures daily. So we all wiped a metaphorical tear from our jaded eyes at the news that pop singer Justin Bieber, whose high, yet-to-break voice and trenchant lyrics (“The coolest girl I know/So prettier than all the rest”) so accurately reflect the ever-changing zeitgeist, was given a one-of-a-kind MV Agusta 675 F3 motorcycle by his father.

Last year, the 19-year-old heartthrob bought himself a Ducati 848 EVO and didn’t bother to get a motorcycle endorsement before taking it for a spin. This year his father, Jeremy Bieber, worked with Motovan, the Canadian MV importer, to design a bike as a gift for his son's 19th birthday. The F3 is adorned with reproductions of the younger Bieber’s tattoos, a logo honoring his 35 million Twitter followers, and a lighted “BATMOBILE” panel, which it is hoped may prompt Justin to actually see any of the Batman movies to discover for himself that the Batmobile is, in fact, a car.

Our joy is mixed with sadness because as artists ourselves, we know the heartbreak of rejection is no match for fawning admiration in its ability to turn someone into a complete jerk. (Not that any of us have been on the receiving end of that much admiration, ever.) This, of course, will not be Bieber’s fate as long as he continues to reach deep down in his heart and drag forth lyrics like “Baby take my open heart and all it offers/’Cause this is as unconditional as it’ll ever get.”

Still, be on guard, young Bieber. Fame has its price. And for cryin’ out loud, stop off at an MSF course and get your motorcycle endorsement before you flatten yourself on the fender of an SUV and the mainstream press starts howling about how dangerous motorcycles are. Also, it would be a shame of monumental proportions to deprive western civilization of your profound observations on the nature of interpersonal relationships (“My favorite, my favorite/my favorite, my favorite girl/My favorite girl”).