Honda Announces 2014 Lineup Additions

All-New Grom and Forza models, plus CRF250R Gets New Engine and Chassis

Honda has introduced some new offerings for its 2014 lineup. Brand new are the 12-in wheel shod Grom (priced at $2999), and the Forza scooter (Price: $5599, $6099 for the Combined ABS model).  The 2014 CRF250R gets an entirely new engine and chassis, while the CRF450R introduced last year receives an update; pricing for both motocrossers have yet to be announced.

“This is really a fun time for Honda fans, as we unveil these four incredibly cool all-new machines for 2014 that reach out to entirely different segments of the market,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “This introduction serves as a perfect example of what 2014 is going to be like for Honda, as we continue to bring diverse and completely new concepts to riders, no matter what kind of machines they might favor."

- Grom

The Grom offers a compact frame size, low seat, inverted front fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Honda says the fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers lots of torque and the 4-speed manual transmission works just like any other full-sized bike.
Colors: Pearl Red, Metallic Black
Price: $2999
Availability: August

[- Forza

The Forza™ is a mid-displacement machine that boasts a fuel-injected liquid-cooled 300-class engine with a single overhead camshaft and four-valve head with sophisticated roller rocker arms. Honda hopes this adds up to a ride that's big enough for extended rides for two, but versatile, practical and economical enough to keep transportation costs down.
Color: Pearl Red
Price: $5599, $6099 for Combined ABS model
Availability: July

[- CRF250R

This 2014 CRF250R features an all-new engine and rolling chassis; the all-new frame is designed to lower the bike's center of gravity and it also incorporates a dual-muffler exhaust system to further sharpen handling by centralizing the bike's mass. The thoroughly revised engine is expected to add a big load of midrange punch, thanks to a new cylinder head, piston, and a higher compression ratio. Honda also adds a new dual-timing fuel injection system and a new transmission.
Color: Red
Price: TBD
Availability: September

[- CRF450R

Introduced in 2013, the CRF450R racing machine features an aluminum frame with an innovative suspension package and a strategically engineered compact dual-muffler exhaust system that tucks in closely to the center of mass. Every element in the CRF450R chassis has been focused on attaining a low center of gravity along with class-leading mass centralization. According to Honda, the 2014's intake and exhaust ports, new Dual-Timing fuel injection and redesigned muffler internals boost torque output and increase throttle response. In the suspension department, revised internals in the KYB PSF® (Pneumatic Spring Fork) yield improved damping response for improved bump performance. As before, the advantages to the KYB PSF include significantly lighter weight since it uses air in place of traditional steel springs, and the design also allows incorporation of a larger 32mm cartridge damper piston for improved fork action.
Color: Red
Price: TBD
Availability: August.