Habitat, the Movie

"Everyone should have something in their life that requires a helmet."

Wisconsin Sportriders (WiSpr), a group that I'm lucky enough to ride with on occasion, has released a film documenting their last year of street riding.
WiSpr is not your average crew of Sunday morning social riders (though they seldom pass a good all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet...). A close-knit, semi-exclusive group of die-hard street riders, the WiSpr crew rides tens of thousands of miles each year searching for the the most artistic curves east of the Mississippi. Last year they documented that search on camera, and WiSpr ringleader Tommy Sweeney expertly cut countless hours of footage into an hour-long documentary film called "Habitat." This is not your typical me-and-Joe amateur motorcycle video. The end result is pretty remarkable. See for yourself here: Habitat.