Get Sprung | GEAR

Springtime Comfort for Bike and Rider

Corazzo Heated Vest

A sizeable (4.5 x 3 x 1-inch) battery pack tucks into a dedicated inner pocket to provide a claimed seven hours of warmth. A small controller connects the pack to heating elements in the vest (two in the front and one in back) and offers five stages of heat adjustability, indicated via LEDs. Men's and women's sizes are available for $300. _corazzo.net_

Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

This spray ($10.50 per can) is designed to leave a glossy finish on plastic, fiberglass, and painted surfaces, making it harder for dirt to stick. Just keep it away from your seat and tires.

Avon Storm 3D X-M Tires

Does your sport-tourer need new sneakers? Avon's new offering ($208–$293) is designed for high mileage and utilizes a "super rich silica" tread for better grip in the wet. 

Atsko Welt-Seal Waterproofing

From the maker of staff-favorite Sno-Seal comes this 2-ounce tube of "welt-seal" meant to seal stitching and seams from water, oil, and solvents, while protecting against abrasion and heat. Sound like it's worth $7?

Wolfman Small Expedition Dry Duffel

Gather up your stuff, secure the top, and lash the Expedition to your bike for around 33 liters of waterproof storage. Mounting straps and a removable shoulder strap are included for $105. _wolfmanluggage.com_

PHOTO: Brian MacLean