First Coast-to-Coast Trip on an Electric Motorcycle

Riding coast-to-coast in a little over five days is no big deal if you’re on a Gold Wing. But on an electric motorcycle it’s a different story. Terry Hershner of Orlando, Florida, just completed what he says is the first cross-country trip on an e-Bike, riding a Zero electric motorcycle 2659 miles from California to Florida in five days and 15 hours. Included in the time was a 40-hour stop for repairs, without which Hershner thinks he could have made the crossing in three days.

He started in Santa Monica, CA, then rode south to San Diego before heading east on Interstate 10.  He carried four chargers that when plugged in simultaneously brought the Zero's recharge time down to about 45 minutes for an 80 percent charge, and an hour and 15 minutes for a full charge. He found 240-volt power primarily in KOA campgrounds along his route, and napped, ate, or showered while charging the Zero. Except for the repair stop to fix a loose sprocket bolt that eventually required replacing the Zero’s motor, when he wasn't charging he was riding.

Hershner crossed the eastern U.S. in 150-200-mile stages, but in the west he stopped every time there was a campground, if only for a 10-minute charge, because there was no knowing when the next chance would come. A Craig Vetter-designed fairing helped Hershner get the most out of every electron, and gave him somewhere to stow the chargers and extension cords––but not a change of clothes, so he wore the same clothes for the entire ride. He was met at the end of his trip in Jacksonville, Florida, by local members of the Iron Butt Association, who know a tough rider when they see one.