Factory Customs from the Far East | First Look

Shining Star

By Ari Henning | Photography by Star

Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations models aren’t the only factory specials on the block anymore. Yamaha’s Star cruiser division recently announced the SCL (Star Custom Line): a factory customization program that is initially being applied to the Raider. The SCL will offer some of a CVO’s exclusivity, but without the $30,000 price tag. With an MSRP of $19,990, the 2012 SCL Raider costs $5400 more than the Raider S, and will come with all of that machine’s chrome and a fair share more.

The most noticeable feature of the SCL Raider is its paint: a luxurious coat of Blazing Orange highlighted by metal-flake graphics. We had the opportunity to examine an SCL up-close and it really is something special. Other exclusive add-ons include chrome wheels, a two-tone leather seat and stainless-steel control-cable housings and hoses.

Star’s online customization option allows you to outfit any of the manufacturer’s bikes with some pretty flashy components, but the wheels and seat found on the SCL Raider won’t be available in any accessories catalog. The chromed wheels were born from a joint effort between Star and Performance Machine, and are complemented by a matching rear pulley and belt guard. The embossed, two-tone leather seat is said to develop a character all its own, conforming to your backside the way a baseball mitt breaks-in around your hand. Though unless you’re Jennifer Lopez, your butt-print is unlikely to help the resale value!