Dunlop’s 2012 Road Race Contingency Program Tops $1 Million

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop is pleased to announce that in 2012 it will once again support club racers throughout the United States by posting more than $1 million dollars in available contingency payouts throughout a wide variety of racing classes conducted by 17 popular sanctioning organizations. As the official tire of the AMA Pro Road Racing series, Australian National SuperBike Championship, Australian FX Series and more, Dunlop in 2012 will make available to club racers an expanded selection of products, including DOT tires and slicks made in the U.S. and U.K., along with professional services at the track. Direct technical assistance from the Dunlop U.S. R&D team will be available at select club races where work with the ongoing road race tire development program will take place.

Detailed information regarding the 2012 Dunlop contingency program, tire availability and prices are available at or by calling Race Tire Service at 800-772-8473. Also, be sure to check out the special price page.

Dunlop Senior Road Race Manager Sabastian Mincone said, “Club racing, like AMA Pro Road Racing, has always been an important program for Dunlop. Over the years, this program has allowed us to work with some of most talented riders in America, and to develop race-winning products that work remarkably well at race tracks all around the United States. All of us at Dunlop are pleased to offer contingency awards plus our technical support for the many club racers around the country to help grow racing at the grass-roots level, and we also understand the difficulties involved with racing in today’s economy. In 2012 we will intensify our development of U.S.-made race products in order to deliver top performance at an affordable price. Witness the 2011 WERA championship won by BEI Racing on new Dunlop KR448F and KR449 slick tires made in the USA. Dunlop also recently rolled out a new profile 190/60ZR17 D211GP-A with MT Multi Tread™ and NTEC technologies in several compounds. Dunlop will also continue to offer our full range of UK-made road race tires for 2012.”

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