Ducati Power For the Volkswagen XL1 Plug-In Hybrid

While official word is yet to come, an inside source at VW has just confirmed that the XL1 plug-in hybrid prototype two-seater that appeared last year with a diesel-electric powertrain is now powered by Ducati (an Audi Group company). Our source went on to say that current images of the latest XL1 prototype, which was shown briefly at a presentation by VW Group Chairman Ferdinand Piëch in Austria, emphasize wider wheel arches and fatter tires. The suspension and underlying structure consisting of aluminum front and rear sub frames connected by a carbon-fiber tub may have also been beefed up to accommodate a power and torque increase coming from the 1199cc Panigale V-twin. While cost is likely to be high and production numbers low, it certainly appears that a V-Duc is headed for production.