Sonora, California — September 28, 2012 — CruzTOOLS® today announced the T50 Star Wrench for BMW® motorcycles.

Late-model BMW motorcycles with single-sided swingarms use an array of T50 Torx® bolts to fasten the rear wheel. Access may be difficult due to a recessed wheel, obstructing mufflers, and saddlebags. In addition, the factory specifies relatively high torque of 60 newton-meters (44 foot-pounds). As a result, road or trailside wheel removal can be challenging.

[CruzTOOLS developed the T50 Star Wrench specifically for this application. Measuring approximately 7.5” (190mm) by 4” (100mm), the wrench is long enough to provide necessary torque yet fits easily into a tankbag or saddlebag. Star tips are compatible with Torx standards and provided on both ends for increased flexibility. The wrench is manufactured to precision tolerances using high strength S2 material, and sports a durable satin finish.

The T50 Star Wrench is available now and retails for $16.95, part number T50BM.

“Our popular RoadTech B1 Tool Kit for BMW motorcycles has impressive capability, but due to torque requirements doesn’t provide the optimal approach for rear wheels on single-sided swingarm models,” stated Dan Parks, President of CruzTOOLS. “So we developed the accessory T50 Star Wrench as a compact, affordable, and pro-grade solution to the problem.”

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