Can the right gear really save your life?

The Ben Truslow story.

Ben Truslow is part of a great group of young riders who are starting to change the landscape of America motorcycle [road racing. In a tragic accident at the April 2012 WERA races in Las Vegas, Ben's dream of becoming the next Ben Spies have were put on hold. Now Ben must show his great courage in the arduous recovery process he has ahead of him. His dream has crashed just like the very thing that saved his life: his helmet.

Ben was in second place fighting for the lead with another young talent (Tyler Linders) during the race when something went array as it can in any kind of racing. Ben’s front wheel made contact with Tyler’s rear sending him and his bike about 25 feet up in the air near the end of the back straight. He landed mainly on his head and was rushed by ambulance to Las Vegas Trauma Center where an extraordinary team of doctors and nurses performed surgery. This left Ben in critical condition, and in a coma for more than a week as everyone waited to see if he would survive.

Ben's story is one of courage and of hope. Since the accident “Go Ben” signs have appeared on Facebook from friends, classmates, family, and the entire racing community. This outpouring of support has helped Ben and his family throughout his recovery so far. He is now at the Craig rehabilitation hospital making excellent progress.

Lately, young riders have been hurt at unacceptable levels, which raises the question: Can having the right gear save your life? The answer is YES! To celebrate Ben Truslow recovery, Nexx helmets, along with the Truslow family, are launching a fundraiser campaign to benefit Ben's favorite charity (Pediatrics Brain Tumor Foundation - Ride for Kids) with a commemorative limited edition Ben Truslow replica helmet. This will help ben raise money fo[r this worthy foundation, and also raise the awareness that having a good helmet, appropriate clothing and safe equipment not only make your ride more enjoyable, but more importantly can be the difference between living or dying.

The replica helmets will be launched at Laguna Seca during the MotoGP weekend and can be purchased at the NEXX booth. Only 28 helmets will be issued, featuring Ben’s favorite color (green), his number (28) and his motif (a phoenix). They will be individually numbered and purchasers will also get a cool photo with Ben himself, who is planning to be at the track for the first time since his accident. If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause, please contact the great people from NEXX helmets at 808-561-8442 and they will be happy to help and/or answer any questions you may have.