BRD RedShift | First Look

Clean, Fast and Cheaper than Gas

Words: Aaron Frank

Photo BRD Motorcycles

Considering that the powertrain is roughly the size of a breadbox and the battery can take almost any shape, most production electric motorcycles are surprisingly conventional in design. BRD Motorcycles(, a San Francisco-based start-up that plans to enter production later this year, is one of the few to flirt with unconventional construction. BRD's RedShift uses a two-piece, cast-and-machined aluminum monocoque that surrounds the battery and motor to create a dense structure that's radically stronger and stiffer than the usual cradle frame.

BRD will offer two street-legal eBikes: the urban-oriented SM and a dual-sport MX. Both share the same frame, 5.2-kWh battery and 40-bhp motor. Chassis geometry, wheel sizes and fully adjustable WP suspension are similar to that of a conventional dirtbike, to deliver a familiar riding experience. Add the advantage of electric torque and throttle response, and BRD promises performance equivalent to a gas-powered 250, with significantly reduced ownership costs thanks to no fuel bills and a claimed 200-hour service interval.

“We don’t want to sell vehicles based on guilt,” says Chief Design Officer Jeff Sand. “We want to build vehicles that are the most desirable in their category, even for enthusiasts. We’re committed to developing this bike to take on gas motocrossers on their home turf.”