Is BMW’s Lo Rider Concept Entering Production? | BMW’S Next Naked

Despite a tremendous, 90-year history, the present-day BMW doesn’t typically do retro. But this spy shot proves otherwise.

Despite a tremendous, 90-year-history to crib from, the present-day BMW doesn’t typically do retro. Spy shots of the German manufacturer’s forthcoming naked bike, however, suggest a pleasing old-school look with a large, round headlight and a bulbous fuel tank reminiscent of a 1970s superbike. This appears to be the production-intent version of the 2008 Lo Rider custom concept (pictured above) that packages the 1200cc air/oil-cooled Boxer engine —not the new water-cooled version debuting in the next GS—mounted in a neutral chassis that will be easy to individualize and customize. Style-wise, expect a twin stacked exhaust on the left hand side and an exposed subframe beneath the seat. Like a Ducati Monster, the only bodywork is the fuel tank. Expect an endless array of bolt-on options when the bike is launched later this year, allowing it to be converted into a more convincing replica of the Lo Rider concept.