Bikemaster Snap-Ring Plier Set | MC Tested

You might not encounter snap rings very often, but when you do, you’ll want these pliers handy.

Having the right tool for the job is an important piece of workshop advice. Snap-ring pliers are a prime example. There are alternative means of getting a circlip off a shaft or out of a bore (I'm looking at you, screwdriver drawer), but it will likely lead to frustration—not to mention possible damage and/or destruction of whatever component you're working on.

BikeMaster’s snap-ring plier kit includes everything you need to remove and install the internally and externally expanding snap rings commonly found on motorcycles. The set includes a pair of pliers with comfortable rubber grips and four interchangeable tip attachments: two straight attachments (one with large pins and another with smaller pins, measured at approximately 1.3mm and 0.9mm, respectively), one 90-degree large-pin tip, and a 45-degree small-pin piece. The interchangeable tips save space in your toolbox and are easily swapped with a thumbscrew. Flip from one side to the other for internally or externally expanding rings.

I’ve used the pliers extensively for everything from removing a countershaft sprocket to rebuilding a brake master cylinder and tearing down a transmission. The spring-loaded pliers are easily operated with one hand, and the pins are long enough to provide a secure grip on the clip. The pins are made from hardened steel and have resisted rounding even after repeated use.

These pliers are definitely the right tool for the job and therefore make it much less likely that a little snap ring fires into your eye or off into the darkest recess of your garage. Nobody likes that.


Price: $19.95

Verdict  4/5 Stars