Aprilia Announces V4ALL Pricing

Everybody loves a winner, but not everyone can afford to buy one. Now Aprilia, with four World Superbike Championship titles in the last four years, wants to make it easier to buy one of its V4s with reduced pricing on 2012 and selected earlier models.

The V4ALL pricing program trims thousands off the price of the most sought-after Aprilia V4s. The 2012 Tuono V4 R, formerly $14,999, is now $12,999. The 2012 RSV4 R APRC drops from $16,999 to $13,999, and the 2012 RSV4 Factory APRC, which was $22,999, is now $18,999. Lower prices are also available on earlier RSV4 R and Factory models; check with an Aprilia dealer for details.

You get more than a racing pedigree with Aprilia V4s. Each member of the V4 family comes with the Aprilia Performance Ride Control system (APRC), which includes traction control, wheelie control, launch control, and quick shift––everything you need to go fast except Max Biaggi’s phone number.

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