AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré National Adventure Riding Series revs up for 2012

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) welcomes Yamaha Motor Corporation to the second year of its title sponsorship of the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series, America's premier adventure-touring riding program.

Welcoming all brands, the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series features challenging excursions staged in beautiful riding areas across the country. For 2012, the "High Adventure, No Hassles" theme returns with plenty of gravel and two-track routes linked by out-of-the-way asphalt two-lanes. Mapped by knowledgeable big-bore adventure enthusiasts, the weekend events offer plenty of on- and off-road camaraderie with like-minded riders, including camping and bonfires.

"We've seen an explosion in adventure touring interest among AMA members, and Yamaha's sponsorship of the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series is the perfect way to see America's vast backcountry first-hand from the seat of a motorcycle," said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. "The first year of our partnership with Yamaha was a great success, and our members can't wait to see what we will be offering in 2012."

Yamaha's flagship Super Ténéré -- a 1199cc, rally-inspired big-bore adventure touring bike -- serves as the perfect inspiration for the series. That's because it's designed to ride for days, on and over just about any kind of terrain in comfort and style.

"Yamaha is very proud to announce its second year of sponsorship and support of the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series," said David Docktor, Motorcycle Marketing Manager of Yamaha's Motorsports Group. "The award-winning Super Ténéré leads this exciting and vibrant new category of enthusiast motorcycles, and we plan to have a Super Ténéré at most AMA ride events, so participants can see firsthand just how capable and fun to ride this machine really is."

As in 2011, one lucky participant in the 2012 AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Series will win a brand new Super Ténéré. In addition, Yamaha's support of the series includes prizes from the Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel lines, and promotion of the series through local dealers. Yamaha also offers special promotions specifically to owners of the Super Ténéré.

For full series info, please visit > Riding > Dirt > Events And Series > National Adventure Ride. You can also follow series news at the official Facebook page at .

**2012 AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Series Schedule **

Apr 14-15: Slate Creek 300, Bybee, TN. JB SAKI Promotions, John Strange, (865) 322-0193, [](mailto:,

May 5-6: Yosemite Adventure Tour, Buck Meadows, CA. Family Off Road Adventures, Lawrence Borgens, (209) 649-3633, [](mailto:,

May 19-20: Hanging Rock 200, Zaleski, OH. Buckeye Dual Sporters, Bill Kaeppner, (740) 380-3050, [](mailto:,

Jun 2-3: Durty Dabbers Adventure Ride, Mill Hall, PA. Durty Dabbers, Nils Mantzoros, (570) 726-3343, [](mailto:,

Jun 9-10: Black Dog Adventure Ride, Odell , OR, NW Tour & Trail, Tom Niemela, (503) 681-8881, [](mailto:,

Jun 9-10: Thrills in the Hills 2012, Atlanta NY. Wayne County MC Club, Don Rice, (315) 945-6911, [](mailto:,

Jun 21-25: Tag the Deadhorse Adventure Ride (event 1), Fairbanks, AK. Aerostich Tours, Roger Pattison, (575) 776-8785, [](mailto:,

Aug 11-12: Buffalo 500 D/S Adventure Ride, Columbus, IN, Stoney Lonesome MC, Nathan Gaskill, (812) 343-9772, [](mailto:,

Aug 20-24: Sasquatch Adventure Tour, ID. Sound! Rider, Tom Mehren, (206) 329-7808, [](mailto:,

Sep 8-9: Blue Ridge Adventure Ride, Morganton, NC. JB SAKI Promotions, Ron Miller, (704) 309-3271, [](mailto:,

Sep 14-16: Land of Enchantment, Taos Ski Valley, NM. Aerostich Tours, Roger Pattison, (575) 776-8785, [](mailto:,

Sep 15-16: Land of Enchantment, Taos Ski Valley, NM. Aerostich Tours, Roger Pattison, (575) 776-8785, [](mailto:,

Sep 22-23: Nutcracker 200, Logan, OH. Buckeye Dual Sporters, Bill Kaeppner, (740) 380-3050, [](mailto:,

Oct 27-28: Howlin' at the Moon, Payson, AZ. Arizona Trail Riders, Don Hood, (623) 826-1092, [](mailto:,

Nov 3-4: Hammer Run, Port Elizabeth, NJ. Tri-County Sportsmen. E. Polhaumas, (856) 785-2754, [](mailto:,

Nov 23-24: LA-Barstow to Vegas, Palmdale, CA. AMA D37 Dual Sport, Paul Flanders, (626) 792-7384, [](mailto:,

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