AHRMA Southwest Regional Race - Fundraiser Jamie Pomeroy

On September 23rd, I bought my first Penton.

WORDS/PHOTOS: Michael Candreia

On September 23rd, I bought my first Penton. It’s a 1972 125 that was raced in the International Six-Day Trials. I own more than 15 vintage motocross bikes, but this is my first European one.

My first ride on the Penton was at an AHRMA Southwest Regional race in Perris, California, which was held in conjunction with a benefit fundraiser for my late friend Jim Pomeroy’s daughter Jamie. (For those who may not have heard, Jim was killed in a Jeep accident on August 6th.) I invested about $200 in the bike before the race (tires, cables, air filter and a few other things) and was ready to go.

Unfortunately, I accidentally registered for the Sportsman class (which allows bikes up to 1974), which was not what I’d intended to do. Fortunately I held my own, finishing second in the first moto and first in the second for first place overall.

The racing was pretty uneventful save for the pounding I got from the Penton. Its race days are over until I find it a new owner! As for the fundraiser, we raised over $6000 for Jamie Pomeroy. Thank you to everyone who participated!