Aaron Frank - Editor-at-Large - Motorcyclist Magazine

Spotlight on a Staffer - Aaron Frank

Motorcyclist magazine would like to welcome and introduce you to the newest edition of our staff, Aaron Frank, Editor-at-Large.

Aaron worked for Motorcyclist magazine from 2001-2002, quickly proving himself as both a fine writer and rider. In 2003 he ended his stint with Motorcyclist to help launch Primedia publication Super Streetbike, a lifestyle magazine focusing on freestyle riding and "stuntin'," as we like to call it. There he served as Editor-in-Chief.

Aaron was invited back to Motorcyclist at the end of 2006 and, fortunately for us, he accepted. Aaron's young perspective and adventurous nature is going to give _Motorcyclist _a fresh new zest with his goal of assisting the other editors in producing "the smartest, savviest—and coolest—motorcycle magazine you've ever read."

Look for Aaron's work in future issues. As an expert roadracer, he'll be Motorcyclist's "fast guy" at future sportbike press intros. Like he says, "It's always better to ride a fast bike fast than it is to do anything on a slow bike."

Don't miss Aaron's first editorial in the March 2007 issue of Motorcyclist.