New American Manufacturer Reveals Production Plans

**WORDS: Aaron Frank **


Just one year after we attended the Motus prototype debut at Pratt & Miller’s Detroit R&D facility, the Birmingham, Alabama-based motorcycle manufacturer has announced production plans. Motus will begin delivery of two sport touring models, the base MST and the premium-spec MST-R, as soon as this fall.

Production versions are nearly identical to the prototypes, with the same space-age steel-trellis frame and, of course, the powerful, 1650cc “baby-block” V4 engine. The only significant deviation is the deletion of much-touted GDI direct fuel-injection. Motus was to be the very frst production motorcycle equipped with GDI, but the company says lack of consumer interest and dealer support surrounding this innovative new technology led them to specify conventional port fuel-injection instead.

As expected for a hand-built, limited-production American motorcycle, pricing is steep. The base MST, with a 165-bhp engine, will start at $30,975. The MST-R, with a 185-bhp engine, Öhlins TTX shock, forged O.Z. wheels and other detail upgrades, will start at $36,975. These prices are significantly higher than the Japanese and European competition, most of which also offer traction control, ABS and other sophisticated electronics the MST lacks. Motus has to hope the cachet of American manufacturing, along with the uniquely charismatic V4, will make up that difference.