2013 Brammo Empulse/Empulse R

Now with gears!

**WORDS: Aaron Frank **

PHOTOS: Brammo

First previewed in Motorcyclist's November 2010 issue, Brammo's Empulse promised to be the frst electric bike to achieve something resembling performance and price parity with internal-combustion machines. Now, almost a year behind schedule, Brammo has at last announced production of its long-awaited eBike. The 100-mile range and 100-mph top speed claims remain, though the base price has jumped from $13,995 to $16,995.

The production version debuts two new technologies. The frst is a six-speed integrated electric transmission (IET)—a production eBike frst. Multiple gears maximize acceleration and top speed—one or the other typically suffers on a single-speed machine— as well as improve effciency and deliver a more authentic motorcycling experience. The second piece is an integrated Level 2 charging system. If you have access to dedicated Level 2 charging stations in your city, the Brammo Power 15/90 Lithium Ion battery can be fully recharged in 3.5 hours, compared to 8 hours using a standard 110-volt electrical outlet.

Normal or Sport ride modes tailor power delivery from the liquid-cooled, permanent-magnet, 54-horsepower AC motor, and the styling has been revised. Best of all, you can actually buy one now—though only the upgraded, $18,995 Empulse R is currently available. The base Empulse will be available early next year. Look for a full test soon.