New Yamalube Synthetic Engine Oils 2019

High-performance oils from Yamaha

Two new fully synthetic motor oils drip down from Yamaha’s extensive experience in MotoGP, including this top-shelf GP Racing Spec oil.Yamaha Motor USA

Yamaha has announced the availability of two new synthetic engine oils designed for maximum protection and extended durability in high-performance engines, whether on-road or off-road. Yamalube's new GP Racing Spec and Hi-Performance are SAE 10w-40 4T, and both meet API SL requirements.

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Headlining the pair of oils is the GP Racing Spec oil, the latest generation of Yamalube's half-century lineage of competition blends. Yamaha says it's derived from the same oil used in the YZR-M1 MotoGP bike, and it's "blended using advanced additives for high thermal resistance in extreme racing and other severe environments. GP Racing Spec oil maximizes engine power and enhances overall clutch and shifting performance with its extreme anti-wear and anti-friction properties."

Both synthetic oils are said to offer excellent thermal stability for optimum protection. Yamalube’s Hi-Performance oil ($10.99 per quart) gets the JASO MA classification, while the GP Racing Spec oil ($18.99 per quart) is classified as a JASO MA2, a spec of lubricants that deliver enhanced friction performance.