New Motorcycle TV Show: “Wrench Against the Machine”

Bike build-off show to premiere on Esquire Network on Nov. 15.

There's plenty of criticism flying around the motorcycle community these days aimed at hip, urban riders who only seem to care about riding as a fashion statement. Say what you will about that movement, but what I see is a growing awareness and customer base. Evidence? Mainstream media outlets discussing motorcycles without talking about accidents, or dangerous driving, or road rage. In this case, Esquire Network, which has put together the new motorcycle show, "Wrench Against the Machine." This exclusive clip we got ahold of shows some of what we can expect from the show: lots of beards and earrings, but also lots of energy going into building a motorcycle just because it's fun.

The idea is simple: Two teams of builders/enthusiasts with almost no time and almost no money trying to cobble together a motorcycle as best they can. It’s sort of a tired concept from a reality TV standpoint, but it should resonate with millennial motorcyclists because the types of motorcycles that are cool are ones you buy on Craigslist and only come together with your own shade-tree ingenuity. The fact that motorcycling culture has gotten to this point of inclusion and encouragement is what we should be celebrating. I’m pulling for “Wrench Against the Machine” to be a hit—not because I think it’s good TV, but because I hope it keeps inspiring the current generation of motorcyclists and wannabe motorcyclists to follow their hearts and make two-wheeled transportation part of their lives.