Five Products To Help Keep Your Cool

Beat The Heat With These Hot-Weather Products

gift guide, rev'it hyperkewl vest
Rev'It Hyperkewl Vest and Collar©Motorcyclist

Rev'It! Hyperkewl Vest & Collar
Think of Rev'It!'s Hyperkewl vest as a more sophisticated, longer-lasting version of soaking your T-shirt with water. The $140 vest's unique fibers store water, allowing it to evaporate slowly and carry away excess body heat. The $35 Hyperkewl collar is made from the same material as the vest and provides cooling and sun protection for your entire neck. Both products are said to remain effective for up to six hours.

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Sidi Tour Air Boots©Motorcyclist

Sidi Tour Air Boots
Keep your feet cool this summer in the new Tour Air boots from Sidi. These $230 kicks are made from Sidi's Technomicro material and feature large perforated panels for ample airflow around your feet. The boots offer internal shin, heel, ankle, and toe protection and rugged lug-type soles that are perfect for commuting or touring.

maxima fluids
Maxima Coolanol Coolant - Buy It Now!©Motorcyclist

Maxima Coolanol Coolant
Hot weather is hard on your motorcycle too, so don't forget to give your ride's cooling system some service and replace that old coolant with fresh fluid. Maxima's Coolanol is a ready-to-use 50/50 blend of ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze and deionized water that provides excellent heat transfer and good corrosion protection. Pick up a half-gallon jug for $17.

tourmaster jackets
Tourmaster Element Cooling Jacket - Buy It Now!©Motorcyclist

Tourmaster Element Cooling Jacket
Leather is supremely durable, but it's also mighty hot, especially in its most classic colorway. Tourmaster's new $400 Element Cooling jacket mitigates excess warmth with a UV-reflective treatment that's said to reduce the jacket's surface temperature by 15 percent compared to standard black leather. The Element jacket also packs CE-approved armor and several vents, plus a zipper to attach to the matching Element Cooling leather pants.

new arai corsair x
Arai Corsair X Helmet - Buy It Now!©Motorcyclist

Arai Corsair X
"Extreme ventilation" is just one of the many benefits of the Corsair X, Arai's new flagship helmet. Increased airflow through the helmet—via revised ducts and diffusers and Arai's unique brow vents—helps keep your head cool in the hottest of conditions, while a stronger shell works with a new EPS liner to keep your cranium protected. The Corsair X also features a new shield system and comfort liner, plus numerous other changes and refinements from the popular Corsair V. Pricing is $830 for solids and nearly a grand for graphics.