New EPA Modifications Rule Would Jeopardize Racing In America

EPA wants to ban all modifications - even for motorcycles used in competition

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to make it illegal to alter stock emissions control devices, even for off-highway use.
Racing of all kinds would either disappear or take a very different shape if the EPA's reach extends to regulating competition-only machines.©Motorcyclist

The EPA wants to make it illegal to alter stock emissions control devices, even if the vehicles are to be used for off-highway competition. This would have wide-reaching impacts since the ban would include everything from sportbikes for trackdays and club races to dual-sports for enduros, and everything in between.

Beyond jeopardizing racing across the country, the ban would surely have a ripple effect throughout the aftermarket industry, affecting riders of every discipline. Thankfully, there’s something you can do: Let your senators and representatives know that you’re against the EPA’s proposal and that you support the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016.

EPA, environmental protection agency, modifications ban
Yoshimura R&D is one company that has begun manufacturing aftermarket slip-on exhausts that are EPA legal (though not necessarily the Alpha series shown above).©Motorcyclist

The Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016 is a bill that will make sure that conversion of on-highway vehicles exclusively for competition will remain legal. The Act would exclude highway motor vehicles, including motorcycles, used solely for competition from certain provisions of the Clean Air Act. That means performance exhausts, fuel controllers, and other go-fast parts would still be permissible on bikes intended for racing.

To read more about the issue and to send emails directly to your senators and representative urging their support for the legislation, click here This link will take you to MIC's Americans for Responsible Recreational Access Action Center.