New Construction for the Excelsior Sidecar

At Least a Real Advance in Sidecar Construction

From the November 1920 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

The various sidecars heretofore placed on the market generally followed an old principle with slight variations in detail. Here is a new construction throughout in which, instead of merely attempting to strengthen parts that have proven weak, we have discarded all obsolete designs and built a real sidecar in which the utmost comfort is combined with adequate strength in every detail

This space does not permit of a complete description but we will note a few of the most important features.

Spring Suspension-A combination of cantilever, platform and spiral springs that gives a real floating effect and so distributes the load that breakage is practically impossible.

Interchangeable Wheel-The side wheel is carried in a tubular cradle with a spring suspension independent of the regular spring system. This construction allows the use of a slip axle and hub identical with the front wheel of either the Henderson Model K of the Series 20 Excelsior motorcycles.

Spare Wheel Support-At the rear of the body is bar steel luggage platform and spare wheel support enabling the carrying of a spare wheel that may, in case of tire or other wheel trouble, be substituted for either sidecar or front motorcycle wheel in a matter of two or three minutes.

Fender-The fender is a full half circle, seven inches wide and set far enough from the wheel to allow the use of skid chains and prevent the possibility of clogging.

New Tire Equipment-To conform with the tire equipment on the new Excelsior and Henderson motorcycles this sidecar is equipped with the new 27x3 ½ inch tires and is the only sidecar ever so equipped.

These are but a few of the big features. See the car and you will instantly appreciate its superiority in every detail.

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