A New Class Of Street Helmet - The RX-Q

Purpose-built to be the Ultimate Street Helmet

Arai has announced the introduction of what it says is not just a whole new helmet, "but a whole new class of helmet." A helmet purpose-built to be "the ultimate street helmet. Something to compete with other top-of-the-line models, but with what Arai calls "a more conscious focus on the road rider." It's called the RX-Q.

According to Arai, "Other companies sell helmets for the street; but this RX-Q was specifically created as one. It's not a description; it's a definition. Even we were guilty: if a lid didn't have a primary purpose like road racing, it became 'a street helmet' almost by default. Something for the masses. This time we sat down and said let's use the same 24-7 focus we use for race helmets on a pure, focused, ground-up ultimate street helmet, one born from the concept of a Corsair-V for the street, borrowing and refining those proven designs to a new purpose. The RX-Q concept was new from the get-go." Arai aimed it at the "pro street rider." One who reels off mega-miles over every kind of road flex on every kind and style of bike. Sure, they say, "you can pose in one. But get this puppy out for a 10-minute test ride and you can make up your own mind about its level of stability, comfort, and quiet. Sorry if this sounds immodest - chalk it up the resident Arai passion - but we think we significantly upped all three." If you know anything about Arai helmets, you know the "RX" prefix is both famous and packed with meaning. It all started with the original X-7 back in 1979, evolving into the iconic RX-7 that effectively changed the face, literally and figuratively, of helmet design from that point on by introducing the concept of top-mounted diffusers. It came from Arai's involvement in Formula-1 (Over half the drivers on the grid wear Arais, including four of the last six world champions), where they learned that the best way to push hot stale air out of a helmet was to pull it out via the negative pressure created by the venturi effect of the diffusers. So, for a name befitting Arai's new class of helmet, the RX prefix was a natural bridge to the up-side of things.


  • The RX-Q has an evolved version of Arai's very popular Intermediate-Oval (IO) interior shape. Arai is the only company offering multiple interior-fit packages to better conform to consumers' head shape as well as size. Its interior fit shapes evolve and improve as company research recognizes trends based on consumer feedback. The RX-Q shape is similar to the current Corsair-V and Vector models, and the former RX-7 Corsair, but the RX-Q's shape represents a further refinement of interior shape configuration based on Arai's continual comparison, measurement and testing of human head shapes.

  • Extremely wide peripheral view for better visibility and awareness of the world around you. The RX-Q uses the same new wider-eyeport SAI faceshield as the Corsair-V. Benefits are immediately realized both by racers and street riders alike, from an advantage over race competition, to an advantage in traffic.

  • A new level of stability, quiet, and comfort in a road helmet.

  • Arai's legendary, unrivaled comfort is improved even more. The RX-Q's new cheekpad design further improves overall helmet fit, comfort, and noise sealing. Its interior design is influenced by F-1 drivers, the most demanding of all for fit - the result is the RX-Q's newly-sculpted cheekpad shape cradles your head and provides an even better noise seal to aid interior quiet.

  • Advanced Ventilation taken even further to combine more efficiency with even less interior noise. The ability to further refine proven designs to increase helmet performance proves that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to make substantial improvements. For example, the same number, position and similar styling of intake and exhaust ports, but here refined, combined and utilized to improve airflow and overall effect at road speeds.

  • Smaller, more aerodynamic, hand-formed natural shell shape and size aids stability and stillness - not only in straight-line wind-tunnel stability, but it also minimizes the negative aerodynamic effect when turning your head to check traffic or in a cross wind. And it looks better on your head than other bigger, rounder balloon-style shell designs on the market.

  • Uniquely-designed lower Hyper Ridge circles the shell bottom to improve strength and aerodynamics. **It's also designed to lower the center-of-gravity for an exceptionally light feeling **on your head. And a larger bottom opening makes for easier on-off without enlarging the helmet.

  • New more aerodynamic upper and side exhaust vent cowling, sculpted to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency. The side vent cowls are tailored to the needs and speeds of the street. Compared to the C-V, the Q's cowlings are larger and more aggressively styled, as lower street speeds require more surface area and a more refined shaping in order to deliver the increased stability. High speed performance is also excellent.

  • Brand new, one piece bottom edge trim, gives an incredibly clean look by eliminating the need for seams. Admittedly not a major innovation, but still another example of Arai's unceasing attention to details and aesthetics.

  • Arai's exceptional handmade craftsmanship, made to a higher standard of protection, comfort, and quality that's difficult to put a "price" on.

The new Arai RX-Q will be available in a variety of graphics and colors, in sizes XXS - XXL.

PRICING FOR THE NEW RX-Q WILL BE $539.95 - 679.95.

There is also a special RX-Q section on the Arai website at www.AraiAmericas.com/RXQ.