New BMW Models Featured at Intermot 2006

From a BMW Group press release

BMW Motorrad is making a proud appearance at the 2006 INTERMOTMotorcycle Show in Cologne, Germany, with the widest and most variedmodel range in the history of the Company.

The all-new single-cylinder model series is making its world debut witha fascinating range of three brand-new motorcycles quite different in theirfeatures and character - the G 650 Xcountry, the G 650 Xchallenge,and the G 650 Xmoto. And at the same time the K-model series is growingfurther, with the BMW K 1200 R teaming up with its sister model,the K 1200 R Sport, boasting extra sporting and dynamic fairing.

These new models are further enhanced and supplemented by a new,truly exclusive line of accessories: Entering the market in autumn 2006,the new range of BMW Motorrad High Performance Parts will offertruly outstanding, highly functional special accessories for nearly all modelswithin the line-up. These will include top-class and sophisticatedlightweight and tuning components made of carbon-fibre, exclusive CNCmilledrunning gear components, as well as forged wheels.

Within the wide range of BMW Motorrad rider's equipment, a revised andenlarged collection with new features, colours and designs will ensure an evenhigher standard of function, appeal, and individual style.The new range of accessories from BMW Motorrad High Performance Partsand the new features offered in the range of BMW Motorrad Rider's Wear arepresented in separate press kits.

Including the new single-cylinder model series, the BMW Motorrad modelrange is now made up of no less than 19 different models. With theircharacteristic features, these models meet all kinds of customer wishes andpreferences absolutely perfectly in the segment above 500 cc,offering a very attractive choice in the respective motorcycle categories.

More sporting than ever before, but without neglecting those classic BMWvirtues, all BMW motorcycles offer a host of innovations and trendsettingsafety technologies. Indeed, the fully controlled three-way catalytic converterintroduced on BMW motorcycles more than 15 years ago is now obviouslya primary feature on all models, just like ABS anti-lock brakes.

BMW Motorrad has been the benchmark in active safety for a long time, withall models in the range (except for the BMW HP2 Enduro) becoming availablewith ABS straight from the factory in the last five years. And in July of lastyear the fourth generation of ABS anti-lock brake technology ever since thestart of production of this feature in 1989 was presented to the internationalpress together with BMW Motorrad's new ASC Automatic Stability Control.

Together, these two systems once again underline the leadership intechnology of BMW Motorrad and the Company's leading position in thearea of active motorcycle safety.

The current model range is younger than ever before - with the exception ofthe K 1200 LT Luxury Tourer maintaining the same features as in the past,not one single model has been in the market for more than 21⁄2 years. Basedon a broad range of development activities in recent years, therefore,the entire model line-up has been totally renewed from the ground up eversince the beginning of 2004. And in the same period not only highlightsin technology such as the Evo-Paralever and the cast single-unit swing arm incombination with toothed belt drive have been introduced as new features,but also world-first achievements such as the Duolever, the air spring dampersystem, Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) and mass compensationvia the swing arm. Further progressive technologies adapted and carried overfrom automobile construction, finally, such as anti-knock engine managementand xenon headlights, round off the leadership in innovation so characteristicof the brand.

The new Single-Cylinder BMW G 650 X Model Series

The most important features of the new G 650 X model seriesat a glance:

  • Sporting and emotional design characterised in particular by lightweightfeatures.
  • Fast-revving single-cylinder power unit developing maximum outputof 39 kW (53 hp) at 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 60 Nm (44 lb-ft) at5,250 rpm.
  • Crankshaft running in anti-friction bearings and an even lighter alternatorreducing free mass forces.
  • DOHC valve drive with cup tappets and four valves.
  • Liquid cooling with an aluminium radiator.
  • Electronic BMS-C II engine management with intake manifold injectionand dual ignition.
  • Stainless-steel exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter andoxygen sensor.
  • Dry sump lubrication with the oil tank positioned appropriately for an idealcentre of gravity.
  • Close-increment five-speed gearbox with secondary chain drive.
  • High-quality running gear components, eloxy-plated aluminiumattachments.
  • Torsionally-rigid tubular bridge frame with bolted-on aluminium rear frame.
  • Stable upside-down telescopic fork, fixed-position tube measuring45 millimetres (1.77) in diameter.
  • Light and highly stable two-unit cast-aluminium swing arm.
  • Top-quality spring struts at the rear.
  • Low unladen weight between 156 and 160 kg (344 and 353 lb).
  • Conified aluminium tubular handlebar.
  • Foot brake and gearshift levers made of forged aluminium.
  • Fuel tank positioned beneath the seat for an ideal centre of gravity,with good access to the filler pipe.
  • High-performance brake system with on-demand ABS as an option.
  • Model-specific range of accessories and optional features.

The new BMW K 1200 R Sport

The technical highlights of the new K 1200 R Sport at a glance:

  • Semi-fairing mounted firmly on the frame and a new headlightemphasising the sporting character of the K 1200 R Sport and improvingits riding comfort particularly at high speeds.
  • High-performance four-cylinder inline power unit tilted 55 to the front,maximum output 120 kW (163 hp), maximum torque 127 Nm (94 lb-ft).
  • Fulfilment of the strictest environmental standards thanks to Digital MotorElectronics and three-way catalytic converter.
  • High-performance aluminium suspension with Duolever wheel mount atthe front and EVO-Paralever wheel mount at the rear.
  • Unladen weight of only 241 kg or 531 lb in road trim, perfect balanceensured by a low centre of gravity, supreme handling qualities.
  • Relaxed seating position for an active riding experience.
  • Electronic immobiliser featured as standard.
  • On-board network with CAN-bus technology.
  • Electronically adjustable ESA suspension available as an option.
  • Latest-generation Integral ABS (semi-integral version) availableas an option.
  • Tire pressure control (TPC) as an option.
  • Wide range of optional extras and sports accessories.
  • New: BMW Motorrad High Performance Parts for sporting customisation.
2007 BMW G 650 Xchallenge
2007 BMW G 650 Xcountry
2007 BMW G 650 Xmoto
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